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Estera Saraswati and Zenon D. Dorje have been teaching Tantra  worldwide and running the House of Tantra. They also share with temple arts and sacred sexuality practices and rituals as well as sexual healing. Sexual energy for them is a fast track of awakening to our true nature and empowering self-liberation from matrix system. They have initiated the annual International Re-Union of Sexuality and Consciousness in Poland as a part of co-creating a new way of living in a free society.  “Art, science and spirituality meet to create a new paradigm of living in a free society”. The new paradigm covers all spheres of life from conscious conception and natural birth to respectful aging and conscious death. It is based on a honest and clear communication, committed and transparent relations as well as conscious sexuality as an important part of life not only private but public one. They are also parents of two sons. They gave two home lotus non-assisted births with no medical assistance during pregnancy, labour and post-partum.

ESTERA SARASWATI is a Tantra teacher rooted in a wisdom of traditional Tibetan Tantra. She is also a skillful temple art priestess and shaman, ISTA Faculty. Being a vessel for Dakini Wisdom, she is a healing space for reconciliation of Eve and Lilith that brings oneness to patriarchal split between mother and lover, spirituality and sexuality, body and mind, light and darkness, domestication and wilderness, men and women, humans and planet. She is a cutting edge visionary-woman, sacred activist and natural birth advocate. Her personal background is Tibetan Tantra, transpersonal psychology, shamanism and temple arts. Estera was born in Poland where she was one of the first leaders of sacred sexuality movement, now living in diffrent part of the world. She is a part of Tamera Global Love School peace project.

​ZENON D. DORJE is a Tantric yogi, an adept of Himalayan traditional path. He has been following the path of Zen and now Tantra for several years. Teaching in House of Tantra, specialises in meditation, breathing practices and inner tantric yoga.  He repeated solitary meditation retreats, including long retreat in the darkness, thus developing dark retreat practices for others. Supporting others in finding completeness and personal autonomy.  He offers individual sessions of Zen & Tantra coaching and sacred sexuality healing.